Positive Synergy Life Coach

It's not as important the age of the wise but the experience either positive or negative that creates the synergy of wisdom.

Learning from the positive achievements and failures of others is paramount. One does not have enough time to experience them all on their own.



There are three options that can be utilized in what I offer. 
Mentoring is assistance in life situations. Especially in career and financial areas were I and many of my  "brain trust" colleagues have experience
Coaching  is assisting you to find the proper choice of action or decision through a process of self analysis and awareness. 
Consulting is a true team effort with a personal involvement in a situation or setting. personal or business financial consulting, real estate, asset protection. prudent decision making in personal and business with out of the box, alternative thinking menu.
We offer in depth business and sales consulting. We discover over looked bad habits and faulty logistics, We assist in making what is good, better and what is better, great!

Are you ready to put an end to thinking about how you wish it were and take action.

SYNERGY is what two or more can create that one could not.

Areas of assistance:

Synergy assistant Pepper Rodgers helps people with career choices, change and development, weight loss, finances, along with spirituality and happiness so they can live a more fulfilled life.

Pepper has a special ability to build leaders, happiness, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life. Additionally, he is acclaimed for his work as a financial investor in real estate, discount mortgages and other secret investment areas.

Leap from ordinary to an extraordinary person.

  • Get Over Old Patterns
  • Do What you Wish You Would Do
  • Live a Life You're Proud Of
  • Build Value in your life

Areas of Impact through Positive Synergy with Us:

  • Money - Wealth Building, Income, Financial Intelligence and protection, disaster and fraud avoidance
  • Career - Business Building, Development Trajectory, Transitions, Raises and Promotions, Resumes and Interviews, Career Fulfillment
  • Body - Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, Feeling GREAT
  • Communication - Workplace, business and investing environments
  • Balance - Balance among all the aspects of your life
  • Confidence, Self-Trust, & Happiness - Living a satisfying, balanced, successful life
  • Utilization of a mind trust of experts to navigate the map of your life
  • Confidential and intimate concepts and insights on anxieties, desires and spirituality.
  • Positive, upbeat and fun validating approach on most issues, people need to relax,LIFE is just LIFE
  • Alternative thinking, out of the box and reverse insight. Special training and consulting for sales organizations.
  • Corporate and business infiltration- learn about the ineffective logistics and protocol of your company from a ground floor, alternative perspective. You would be surprised as we were on our findings, status quo is not good enough.
  • Prudence- asset protection to cautious and detailed approach in all of life's areas.The many tricks of the trade myself and colleagues know will save you thousands of dollars and precious time.

"Experience how good it feels to live life proud and contented."

Pepper works in person and via phone and has clients across the U.S. and Canada.

Put an end to thinking about how you wish it were and take action. Take the step to find out more, email pepperrodgers@gmail.com or call 910-547-5447.


"Experience how good it feels to live life proud and contented. Knowledge of the meaning of life and ability to enjoy living."

Personal Development

Providing you a safe space to:

  • Access your voice
  • Heal
  • Feel well
  • Feel your connection to a world large that yourself
  • Get to know yourself
  • Fill your spirit
  • Release emotions
  • Access your heart's intelligence
  • Uncover and confront your values
  • Tell the truth
  • Relieve stress

Listening to our inherent wisdom draws us toward wholeness and health. And as the body and mind address and integrate what you've been resisting and release blocks and obstacles, you become free to soar. In this process, you let go of limiting perceptions that block even greater self trust and confidence, open your heart, your passion, and your attention to your inner being and a wisdom that is always there, but not always tapped. From this space, as you live from your inner being, and include all parts of yourself, shifts then take place that unlock areas where you have been stuck and allow for greater joy.

 Business Insight

Learn about your inefficient operations of your business. We will implant ground floor employees that will have an insightful discovery and analysis of the the logistics of your company. You will be as surprised as we were to read of our discovery's. Weather you are seeking to find the slow leak in your profitable business or validate your proficient business we have the options.

Detailed overview is necessary to fix all the issues. Many of our findings discovered that one of the most efficient companies of a large parent corporation was running at 60% effective rate opposed to the 95% the powers to be had settled upon. This eye opening evaluation was enlightening to all and recommended changes could be implemented through out the large conglomerate. 


This web site will have some investment opportunities that we recommend. A group of hand picked experts have conduct the due diligence and evaluations. As we all learn nothing is 100%, but the trends are extremely favorable for success. 

Life Stories


There was a time with my business that my 3 sales people stopped selling. At that point I fired two of them, hired a manager and I started selling. Our sells took off again and the one salesman remaining was so happy to be working with me. My Business manager took care of everything else. I still got to dip my toes into little stuff here and there. My stress level went way down. Profits went way up! Do what you love and are good at, have fun and trust others.



  I was hired to be an assistant manager and F&I at a modular dealership in Charlotte. I noticed our land home packages were taking forever to get closed. The site work was so slow. They decided to have a manager and corporate meeting company wide. Asst mangers not allowed. But my manager took me because of my background. A huge table with 25 people trying to figure out why things were not working. They had hired addition people as site managers housed at corporate to speed things up to no avail.  As the morning went… One irate and ego manic manager, MR MAN tried to dominate the meeting by belittling everyone and how he was being killed financially. Corporate people struggled to understand certain protocol and of course MR. MAN kept things on edge. For some unknown reason the owner was not attending. The owner did stop in with his cup of coffee to say hello.

   The conversation was always about protocol and logistics that were in “THE BOOK”. So much conversation about what was in the book. As the afternoon break ended a gentleman asked why I had not said a word. I didn’t say a word the whole meeting. I am sure everyone thought I was a dope. I said I was here to listen. He asked “well I wish you had the answers”. I said “I do”. He looked puzzled and we returned to the meeting. As the meeting started with nothing much accomplished, the gentlemen spoke and said. We have set here and accomplished nothing. Yet there is a guy in the room that has all the answers. In a curious tone he says ”So Pepper, you have not said anything all day, do you have anything to ad?”. I responded with “Yes, ONE QUESTION, who wrote the book?”. Three of the corporate heads looked at each other and stated they thought the other guy had written this faulty guideline of a book. Turns out that no one knew who wrote the book. “Well we need to come up with a new book” they said. I was about three words into my response when MR MAN started on his tyrant rage of how stupid they were when I stood up and held my hand out to MR Man and I yelled “enough!”  No one seemed to have the balls to stand up to this ego manic. I told him he bitched all day with no results that I wanted the floor. He did as I instructed.  At that point I spoke up and said they didn’t need a new book, they need to throw away the ANTIQUATED book. They looked dumb founded.

 I told them my past company could do 30 land home packages while they struggle to do 15. I said ”Bring the site mangers back to the sales locations and have the managers, salespeople and site foreman do the logistics. Your company has changed as has the customer’s needs. It is time you change also”. Naturally the corporate guys were delighted because they no longer have the headaches. It did require an additional admin clerk to process payments to sub contractors on a fast turnaround time. Slow payments to subs held up subs working on the next deal. That in turn was a contributing factor of slow completion.  Oh, and no, I never got even an attaboy, guess the owner was to busy looking for the creamer for his coffee.

Fun Stuff

During a consulting assignment I began my analysis of the sales force to evaluate their strengths, weakness and goals and of course ability to relate to consumers.

I asked a young man of 30 how many siblings he had, he said 3 and one on the way... I said wow! your mom is pregnant... or your dad has an affair and she is pregnant? He said... no... I have 3 children and my wife is expecting.... so I said, so your dad got your wife pregnant? He looked puzzled... I said “DUDE--- siblings--- do you know what that means....brothers and sisters.... not children”. He looked befuddled and stated “O, yeah, I know what you mean now” He was the son of the owner of the company, needless to say a co-depend situation.


Both my personal life and business has benefited greatly from the sessions I have had. The wisdom from great life experiences is obvious. Insightful in ways of alternative thinking and learning to view issues from all perspectives. Discovering the hidden agenda of business colleagues, making plans accordingly and witnessing the played response was delightful.

 G.A. North Carolina Modular Industry

Suggested small tips on how to handle my sales calls, (cold or follow up) was tremendous. The response from my customers was eye opening. No more hostility, so much more of an open dialog. 

SKC...Insurance Agency

Pepper has helped streamline some of our logistics and sales in our work environment. For recreation, Pepper has help improve my poker game, uncanny ability to read people and their traits, tells and habits.

JD  Wilmington, NC

I had some life long hang ups on my self worth. It effected my negotiations, my personal life right down to other very personal issues. Peppers ability to shed light on these shadowed hold backs was 
en-lighting to say the least.

EC, Legal Professional



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